Youth Homelessness

More than 2,000 young people receive services at HHYP agencies annually

Youth Homelessness in Hollywood

Los Angeles is home to one of the largest populations of young people experiencing homelessness in the country.

For decades, unhoused young people have been drawn to the Hollywood area. They may have left home because of abuse or neglect, been thrown out of their homes because their parents were unable or unwilling to care for them, or ended up on the street after leaving the dependency or justice system. Most young people experiencing homelessness need the support of services and programs to help them get off the streets and find positive, safe, and stable living environments, either by reuniting them with their families or helping them find alternative living arrangements.

Together, the member agencies of the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership provide the full continuum of care utilizing harm reduction and trauma-informed care frameworks, while incorporating principles of positive youth development to reach young people.

One of the core values of the HHYP is to share our data, lessons learned, and our growing understanding of best practices with other agencies and collaboratives locally and nationally that are working to end youth homelessness. We believe that sharing our passion, commitment, and emerging best practices is the best way to advance the field.


Youth Data

Learn about the demographics and experiences of unhoused youth in Hollywood.

Practice Briefs

Read about best practices for working with unhoused young people.

Issue Briefs

Read about lessons learned and key challenges that need to be addressed by homeless youth serving agencies.

Policy Briefs

Learn about policy recommendations focused on preventing and ending youth homelessness.

Research Briefs

Read about the research the HHYP has done in collaboration with partners to better understand the unhoused youth population

Trauma Informed Care

Access resources to understand how to implement a trauma-informed lens to practice with unhoused youth


HHYP agencies collect and report a common set of data so that we can characterize the needs and profiles of the young people we serve and identify emerging issues.

Policy Briefs

HHYP agencies collaborate on developing policy briefs on issues relating to unhoused young people to influence public policy and practice.


HHYP agencies collaborate on publishing papers sharing best practices in working with young people.