The latest information about HHYP news, publications, and trends in youth homelessness.

LA County Ordinance 41.18 Opposition Letter

The Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership voices poignant concerns about the potential consequences of legislation 41.18. Delving beyond surface intentions, the coalition warns against inadvertently exacerbating the struggles faced by homeless youth, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, as they strive for equitable support amidst challenging times.

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Guide for Elected Officials

The Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership (HHYP), a collaboration of youth-serving agencies, is addressing the urgent issue of youth homelessness in the community. The agencies served around 2,200 young people last year, but housing resources remain inadequate. Structural racism and discrimination disproportionately affect Black and LGBTQ+ youth, necessitating a focus on these groups for effective solutions.

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Youth Count Press Release September 8 2022

The 2022 Youth Homeless Count reveals a surprising 58% reduction in unsheltered youth, attributed to pandemic-related factors. However, the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership cautions against taking these numbers at face value, underscoring the evolving nature of youth homelessness and the pressing need for comprehensive support strategies.

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